Google Communication Ecosystem

Google Communication Ecosystem

Facebook Timeline Hack Replicates The Confusion Of Alzheimer’s Sufferers.

The perfect travel companion. High definition video goggles with great quality sound from Avegant.

Helly Hansen wakes you up earlier if it snows during the night with their new alarm clock app for iOS and Android. Perfect for powder dogs. Idea from Forsman & Bodenfors. 

Norwegian ski jumper Anders Jacobsen appears calm in this new GoPro ad. 

IKEA uses Instagram to create their IKEA Social Catalogue. Great work from SMFB Norway.

Great advertising for the upcoming film “Devil´s due”. Be prepared to be scared 

Renault creates a slot car race using life size cars in downtown London to promote their new electric car ZOE.

33 Stats on Content Marketing by Michael Brenner, Vice President, Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP

Tune out with Relaxed - an auto reply for social media

A summary of the best of the best from 2013.

WestJet and Santa lets Christmas Miracles really do happen. I guess the guy with that wished for socks regrets his wish…

The only thing worth fighting for; beer. The Last Barfighter, from Big Boss Brewing, is a beer-dispensing arcade game were the winner’s cup is filled with a sample of beer from a keg placed within the machine. 

Ed Norton in a Hangover style TVC to promote Verizon´s Droid Phone

DORITOS “finger cleaner” - a glory hole for your fingers.